Our Story

The origins of Bowjangle.

During the beginning of Spring Lockdown, we noticed people who walked dogs, mirrored their dog’s joy, acknowledging passers-by cheerfully. This mindset heightened our own awareness to the positive effects that dogs have on well-being, in happy times as well as when our lives are challenged…

We are dog lovers, and regularly dog-sit two Cocker Spaniels, Oscar and Toby whose company has brought so much to us both. Last Christmas, they wore bow ties which made people smile on our daily walks.

We decided we wanted to make bow ties, that were celebratory and beautifully made, reflective of the difference dogs have made to so many people’s lives.

We were fortunate to meet Megan Patrick, a talented and extremely professional young fashion designer to help us realise this vision, as well as Lucy King, an Interior Designer who was enthusiastic about our project and introduced us to some beautiful fabrics.

Bowjangle wants to celebrate dogs, in the way they celebrate life and companionship

Megan Patrick

I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Fashion Design with Menswear specialism. I have assisted at various London-based fashion brands and would say that I am very adaptable, as I have supported design departments for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. As well as hand sewing and pattern cutting, I also use freehand and digital sketches in my work. I pride myself on my versatility and meticulousness. I always look forward to starting a new project where I can explore shapes, techniques and components, learning more about the creative process as I work.

Having supported a range of larger companies, I find it rewarding to work with a new brand like Bowjangle. I can get involved in all aspects of design, from sourcing high-quality materials to making the final product. It has been a pleasure to develop the Bowjangle range.

We have already used a range of rich and vibrant fabrics and the collection will expand in the future. I look forward to seeing the company grow as there are many avenues to explore, especially with limited edition pieces. I also welcome queries from customers who may have specific requests.

Lucy King - Curtains By Design

Thank you to all at Lucy King – Curtains By Designs for their help with fabrics.

Lucy King – Curtains By Design is one of the leading curtain design businesses in East Anglia with an unrivalled reputation and prides itself on recommendation.

  • Curtains/Blinds
  • Upholstery
  • Interior design

Tel: 01799 584030
Email: lucy@lucykingcurtains.co.uk


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