Mini Bow Tie Diamond Dot Collection

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Handmade for Dachshunds, Puppies and Small Dogs.

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Diamond Mini Dog Bow Tie Collection

Lewis & Wood have a beautiful fabric collection, with designs that are adventurous and distinctive. They choose high quality and individuality over the mass-produced, an ideal choice for our dog bow ties.

Made using fabric from the Diamond Dot collection by Lewis & Wood.




Looking Stylish!

Your dog will look rather dashing wearing a Bowjangle tie.

Our mini dog bow ties are supplied in a pillow box, for the perfect gift and safe storage.


Sizing your Dog Bow Tie

We have learnt that sizing a dog for a bow tie is dependent on many factors, neck, head and shoulder-width as well as proportion. Length and fullness of coat is an additional factor. It is difficult, therefore, to just broadly state, breed and size of the dog.

Our mini bow ties measure approx. 9 cm x  5.7 cm.

We also have a range of small, medium and large dog bow ties. To help you decide which size tie is best for your dog, we have produced a sizing template for you to download.

Enter...The Bowjangle Dressing Room

Once you have chosen a bow tie, please enter our Dressing Room to see what the bow tie looks like on your dog. This will assist you in choosing any tie from our collections.

Just upload a headshot photograph of your dog from your phone or computer (click on the ‘Image’ icon in the top left of the app).

You will be able to position the tie, rotate it, and adjust the size. You can save now and buy later!