Celebrating National Pet Month

National Pet Month raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources, across various platforms.

This month celebrates the significance of our cherished companions across the UK.

Bowjangle has chosen this story, written as a reflection of Lockdown in Australia, at a time of family crisis in England, magnified by Covid and shared by so many families.

Oscar’s Story

We got Oscar when he was 9 weeks old, in August 2019.

We are in Australia, and the lockdown hit us in March 2020, which meant that at 8 months old, Oscar got to have his owners to himself, full time.

Unexpectedly, my partner left for England to attend to private matters. During this time, Oscar and I were in lockdown together. Oscar has revealed himself to be the best friend I didn’t know I needed.

I had a pet in the house that does not speak the same language as I do, but we understood each other. He picked up on my emotions, gave me cuddles and kisses, and rested his head on my lap when I needed companionship.

Oscar has been through everything I have been through over the last few months; from the very bad, to the very good. I hope I give him the care, love and attention he deserves, without spoiling him (but in my heart, I know I do).

My local support system was reduced to him only, and I’m sure he must’ve thought ‘who is this lady that has full-on conversations with me ?’ but in the end, I think this period of time has intensified our bond. If I had to name a positive thing about Covid, that would be it.


Animals connect us to nature, where we find balance, in taking care of animals we nurture ourselves.

National Pet Month also brings our attention to the life-changing impact of working and assistance companion dogs, encouraging fundraising for UK pet welfare charities and organisations. In their support of those most in need in our community, our lives are brought together by humanity.

You can find out more about National Pet Month here.

Oscar has been given some of our bow ties!